mWORKS is a New York based designer and distributor of cutting edge wireless accessories. mWORKS  product line up includes industry revolutionizing wireless audio, power and protection. The company is build around the principal of providing high quality, visually striking products at an affordable price range. We at mWORKS believe that you shouldn't have to save up a small fortune to buy the accessory you want for your phone or tablet. We understand that our competitors like to charge exorbitant amounts for similar(most times worse) products but we think that's wrong. We don't let our low prices interfere with our ridiculous standards. Our product quality is unmatched in the industry. We are so proud of it we advertise our one year warranty on the home page. We also like to brag about our product design which is aimed at being clean and simple while at the same time exceeding your functional needs. We like challenging ourselves to create the best products out there while making sure your wallet stays happy when you buy one.