mworks!® is the premier choice when it comes to mobile device accessories. We strive to provide the best products under our sub-brands to fit your needs, all while maintaining a level of quality that is unmatched. You’ll know you are getting the best deal with our long lasting and dependable cords, chargers, cases and more. As technology continues to advance, mworks! will be at the forefront providing the products you’ll need for years to come. Explore more about our sub-brands below.

With the mPOWER!™ sub-brand, we know being able to charge your mobile device wherever you are is important. We offer home and car charging solutions with 1, 2 or 3 ports so that you can have an efficient and reliable charging experience for multiple devices. We also carry cables in all connector types allowing you to power any device whether at home or on the go. For those that like an all-in-one approach, we have power bundle sets to take the worry out of finding the right set of power products for your device. Lastly, we have a selection of new portable power banks to fit your needs. From our single charge 2600mAh power bank to our multi-charge 4000/6000/10000mAh power banks, you can charge your device anywhere, any time.

Our mCASE!™ phone covers are the best bang for you buck. With our Basic, Premium and soon to be released Universal series, you’ll find the right cover for your mobile device. Available for most Apple and Samsung models.
With mSHIELD!™ superior screen protection, you’ll feel confident your phone’s screen is safe from scratches while still maintaining excellent touch response and smudge resistance. Our line of screen protectors include Tempered Glass and Liquid Glass.
mTECH!™ offers universal tools that can be used across multiple devices so that you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Our Universal Stylus is a popular product under this sub-brand.
mPULSE!™ products help keep you connected to your media with ease. As mobile technology continues to advance, we help provide items that aid the transition so that you can always be ready to go.