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mworks! believes that good customer service is an integral part of the value proposition that we offer our customers, and we have established a dedicated support division to manage the needs of all our customers. We have trained representatives available to answer questions by phone or email, or to meet with at our headquarters in Hauppauge, NY. 


Registration / Claims Filing

With mSHIELD! Plus Liquid Glass Screen Protector, your screen maintains its original feel and look while our nanotechnology and proprietary polymer align with the glass to form a hard, truly invisible shield that helps fortify your device screen. We understand that accidents can still happen, which is why we created mSHIELD! Plus Liquid Glass Screen Protection Plan, the screen protector that offers up to $150 to go towards screen repair if your device screen breaks.

To check the validity of your warranty, please use the following links to check wich partner will process your warranty: 

Click here to register or file a claim for your mSHIELD! Plus Liquid Glass Screen Protector with $150 Warranty with Asfalis.

Click here to register or file a claim for your mSHIELD! Plus Liquid Glass Screen Protector with $150 Warranty with Cell Brokerage.

mworks! offers a Limited One-Year Warranty. Proof and date of purchase required. mworks! will replace or repair product with any proven defects (damages through normal wear and tear, alteration, misuse, neglect, accidental, service by anyone other than authorized service center, or act of God not included) in parts or workmanship, without charge for parts or labor directly related to the defect, to the original purchaser for one year from the date of purchase. The limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranty of merchantability or fitness of the purchase price. mworks! neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any liability in connection with this product. Other manufacturer warranties may apply.

For customer support, go to or email

Our support team is available Monday - Friday 8AM to 5PM PST. 

For returns please email us at
Please include your order number in the subject of the email with the product and quantity you want to return in the body of the email. Must provide proof of purchase along with and image of product in question.
Address: 2951 N. Great Southwest Parkway, Suite 200 Grand Prairie, TX 75050